African American Heritage Center hosts first annual Juneteenth Lunch and Learn event

African American Heritage Center hosts first annual Juneteenth Lunch and Learn event

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -The African American Heritage Center in Franklin held their first ever Lunch and Learn event to coincide with the Juneteenth holiday.

The event took place at the Brooks-Wright Center, behind the primary museum location.

“Juneteenth has become the most well-known celebration for the ending of slavery in the Unites States and is viewed by some as America’s second Independence Day,” AAHC Board President Alice Baily said. “It’s significant because we are recognizing the freedom of people who were in bondage for so many years.”

According to Sharon Taylor-Carrillo, AAHC’s operations manager, when she found out during a board meeting that the Human Rights Commission had no plans for Juneteenth this year, she suggested that the museum have an event to celebrate instead.

During the event, City Commissioner Jamie Powell made an appearance to deliver a proclamation formally recognizing Juneteenth as a city holiday.

“I’m glad that the city has recognized Juneteenth, and we hope that every year, everyone will participate,” said Taylor-Carrillo. “I know some of the businesses are closed, and some are open. Hopefully in the next few years, everyone will be closed on that day, just like the 4th of July, because that’s what this is, it’s our 4th of July.”

Both Bailey and Taylor-Carrillo hope to see the Juneteenth Lunch and Learn become an annual holiday event at AAHC.

Other Juneteenth events conducted by AAHC included tours of the museum, and a coloring contest.

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