Art-ish celebrates artists, Juneteenth and unification

Art-ish celebrates artists, Juneteenth and unification

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Hundreds of people from throughout the ArkLaTex gathered to celebrate Juneteenth with the fourth annual art-ish.

“It’s art-ish, it’s Black-ish, it’s Black artistry, it’s something to celebrate,” said Drayden Dunn, president of Art Heals.

Art-ish celebrates Juneteenth annually with an event that this time was bigger and better.

“Sixty visual artists with all types of art mediums, everything from oil base, paintings. We have visual artists who range from Shreveport, but also regionals; we have Dallas here, Atlanta, New Orleans, Alabama,” Dunn said.

One Shreveport artist told KSLA News 12 that he finds art to be therapeutic.

“For me when things get tough, the tough get creative; and so this is my outlet,” the artist said.

“I airbrush on T-shirts, pillowcases, carpets, refrigerators, microwaves and people if they hold still long enough. Nothing is safe in my house.”

Ryan Pierce, of Ruston, said he came to art-ish Sunday (June 16) to support his cousin’s art.

“Alicia, and she’s been doing mixed-media art for a long time. And I am happy she came to Shreveport, close to where I live, to showcase her art.”

Art Heals is a nonprofit that supports artists. And art-ish is a platform to share their art with the community.

“None of them artists should be struggling. They are entrepreneurs, they are business owners and they deserve to sell and monetize their art,” Dunn said. “So it’s important for us as a community to allow them to continue to grow as artists.”

Organizers also said that even though the two-day event highlights Black artistry, it’s an inclusive space for everyone to celebrate unification.

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