The highly anticipated Juneteenth Pride Party concluded another successful year. Hosted at Culture Restaurant & Grill, the event combines the cultural significance of Juneteenth with the spirit of LGBTQIA+ Pride.

Dr. Monica Motley, a native of Danville and a passionate advocate for both the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, founded Juneteenth Pride in 2019.

As someone who identifies as Black and LGBTQIA+, Motley stated it’s one of the few months in which she gets to celebrate two cultures that are very important to her.

“My family has been celebrating “Juneteenth” for over fifty years. I’ve also celebrated “LGBTQIA+ Pride” for the past twenty years.” “The initiative was born out of a desire to elevate the inclusion and celebration of Black LGBTQIA+ individuals at Juneteenth events and to highlight LGBTQIA+ people of color within Pride celebrations, stated Motley.

“This can be disappointing and create even more experiences of being ‘othered’ in spaces that are supposed to be inclusive of all folks belonging to both communities,” stated Motley.

As a result, Motley’s parent company, The Motley Consulting Group LLC, created the “Juneteenth Pride” sister company dedicated to services, events, and education that celebrate Black Queer experiences and contributions to society. The first “Juneteenth Pride Party” was hosted in June 2019 in partnership with community stakeholders.

The event went on pause from 2020-2022 due to COVID-19, although educational services continued during that time.

“Each year since 2019, I’ve had people ask when we will host the party again,” Motley said. “Therefore, we’re excited every year we get to host it. The event is an opportunity for attendees to celebrate intersectionality.”

This year’s event was hosted by Miss Liberty Park 2024, Midori Amae, and Co-hosted by “Hello Boogie Clothing” Founder Kei Pittrell. Additional appearances included: 

  • Storytelling: By Dr. Fred from the Danville Storytelling Festival 

  • Drag Performances: By Kiki Majesty and Frands 

  • Music: By DJ Fruitti Pebbles of Durham, North Carolina. 

  • Grey Book Collective: Regional organizations and businesses committed to providing affirming services to LGBTQIA+ people of color.