Even though Juneteenth is not a state holiday yet in New Hampshire, the holiday is still observed at a federal level, which means certain places will be closed in the Granite State.

Senate Bill 481, sponsored by Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, D-Portsmouth, would make Juneteenth a state holiday. It was passed by the Senate by voice vote in April, and in currently in the House of Representatives.

This bill would give Juneteenth proper status to reflect its significance to so many people across our state whose important history is now officially recognized,” Perkins Kwoka told the Portsmouth Herald in April.

Currently, the day is recognized as a “day of observance” after Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill in 2019. As a D

So, with Juneteenth not being a state holiday yet, what will be open, and what will be closed in New Hampshire this Wednesday? Here are some answers.

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When is Juneteenth?

The Akwaabe Ensemble performs during the Juneteenth ceremony in Portsmouth Monday, June 19, 2023.

Juneteenth is on Wednesday, June 19, 2024. The holiday always falls on June 19, as it is a commemoration for the end of U.S. slavery. On June 19, 1865, when a Union general arrived in Galveston, Texas, to inform enslaved African Americans that the Civil War had ended, and they were free, according to History.com.

Are government offices open on Juneteenth?

Federal government offices will be closed, but state and local offices will be open.

Will I get mail on Juneteenth?

You won’t get your regular mail delivered on June 19 because the United States Postal Service will not be delivering.

However, you may still get deliveries: FedEx and UPS will be open and offering their usual services.

Are banks open on Juneteenth?

Like most federal holidays, you can expect your local banks and credit unions to be closed in observance of Juneteenth, so make sure you plan ahead if you need anything from your bank on Wednesday.

Will the stock markets be open on on Juneteenth?

Nope, the stocks markets close for the holiday.

Will the Department of Motor Vehicles be open on Juneteenth in New Hampshire?

Yes. This government office does not list Juneteenth as a holiday.

Margie Cullen contributed to this report.