Dear Editor:

A short while ago, I gave my opinion that our modern government further divides us with the Juneteenth holiday. Megan Lombardo was so offended by my insight that she then twisted my opinion to the point of calling me a proponent of slavery. She was being ridiculous, but it highlights our need to recognize the tactics of socialists to better perform our civic duty as Americans.

American’s design, including its Constitution’s 14th Amendment, requires equal protection and equal treatment of all citizens. However,socialists have slowly changed this design, and it’s one of the reasons socialists are not Americans. Divide-and-conquer is one tactic socialists use to buy votes to gain and stay in power. First, they divide Americans into groups (Blacks, Hispanics, gays, workers, etc.), then pit the groups against each other by making laws and policies granting special privileges to only some groups. These privileges are not truly rights because they don’t apply to all Americans. Special privileges are seen and felt by normal Americans as fundamentally unfair and therefore cause resentment between the groups.

My opinion pointed out how the Juneteenth holiday was simply a gratuitous reward to Democratic Party voters and how this is and will continue to be a divisive event because not all Americans get a paid holiday off. The federal government is immune from sound business economics; they can simply give their employees a paid holiday if they decide to. Large businesses may follow suit, but small businesses especially cannot afford it. See how this works? Divisive.

In her first paragraph, Megan said the holiday commemorates “sorely delayed enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation.” Delayed enforcement, really? Did she forget a civil war was fought to enforce this proclamation? About 2.5 percent (7 million) Americans were killed in this civil war.

Does Megan honestly think people stood around after this war and said, “We have not done enough; we need to create a federal holiday.” Does she think creating this holiday was a hot topic throughout the rest of the 19th and throughout the 20th centuries? I am 66 years old, and I have never heard of this topic in my entire life until Biden announced it. No, this holiday has not been delayed, it is redundant with the 13th Amendment and entirely fabricated for political purposes. This topic was closed over a hundred years ago by that generation.


Mark Kostelic,