Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Brother Rev. Dr. Ralph J. Singleton and Brother Kevin N. Brown pictured from left to right. Photo provided. 

The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of America and Jurisdiction participated in the Juneteenth Celebration on June 15 in Lake City. There was a parade and luncheon after the parade.

Brother Kevin N. Brown is a proud member of Riley Hill Lodge no.7224 Riley Hill. Brother Rev. Dr. Ralph Singleton was the representative for SC Jurisdiction of the Order. Brother Brown serves Riley Hill Lodge no.7224 in local level, District level and on the Grand Lodge level as appointed officer on the Committee on Membership. Most Honorable Grand Master Rev. Bobby Stone appointed Brother Kevin N. Brown in January 2023 until January 2025.

The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of America and Jurisdiction is one of the oldest African American Fraternal Orders in the jurisdiction of South Carolina and United States of America and Jurisdiction.

“In 1862, the Odd Fellows were organized in South Carolina. Brother Robert Smalls, Civil War hero of Beaufort, was one of its outstanding members. By 1930, the organization had 300 lodges in the state and in April 1976, according to Brother S.C. Disher’s interview conducted by Cindy Byers and cited records from the book entitled “South Carolina’s Black/Native Americans 1776 -1976. The Bicentennial Project. Dr. Marianna W. Davis, Chairperson, A publication of the State Human Affairs Commission,” there were 27 lodges and 22 chapters of the Household of Ruth, totaling some 3,800 members.”

Brother Kevin N. Brown was the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of America and Jurisdiction’s Grand Lodge representative and Jurisdiction North Carolina.

“The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows is based on the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. We are always interested in the uplift of mankind and our communities, state, nation and making the whole world a better place to live,” said Brother Kevin N. Brown.