JACKSON, Tenn.—One church is still celebrating Juneteenth, as a reminder of the significance of Black history that the holiday symbolizes.

The Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church is taking time to remember Juneteenth but they tell us they try to pay tribute to Black history every other month this year. Their goal is to spread knowledge to every community.

“Here at Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church here in Jackson, Tennessee we’re doing a Juneteenth Black History program on tonight. It’s important to the community because we need to know our history. Not only just Black people but all people need to know about Juneteenth and what happened that day,” said Pastor Ronnie Forte, Maranatha SDA Church.

Members tell us it’s not just about the Juneteenth but it’s about constantly reminding others to not to forget the meaning of why history is important. Their team of volunteers and church members help bring in new individuals to speak for these programs.

“It’s a lot of planning in getting these programs together but we have a lot of volunteers. We have a team, and so that’s a blessing to have a team. But, it is a lot of work that goes into it because we try to do it every other month,” Pastor Forte said.

Pastor Forte expresses this is for everyone to unify, to help each other be better in our communities.

“We do it mostly on Saturday nights at 6pm but we would get it out into the community before time. We’re going to do another one, not next month, not in July but in August. We’ll get it out in enough time to let people know when we are having our next program,” Pastor Forte said.

The Maranatha SDA Church was established in Jackson in 2005 and they hope to carry forth their legacy and bring awareness to the community.

They also say their goal is to get different speakers for every program to influence the area.

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