You’d think that becoming the first black city councilman elected in the history of a small New Jersey town would be cause for celebration among the local black community. But you’d think wrong, because becoming the first black city councilman only matters if you belong to the “correct” political party.

At least, that’s the takeaway from a jawdropping speech from Councilman Jamel Boyer from Summit, New Jersey. Boyer spoke at the city council meeting on June 24 and described how he was purposefully excluded from a local Juneteenth event; not because of the color of his skin, but because he’s a member of the Republican Party.

“As you all know, this past weekend we had the Juneteenth event, and I was honored to be invited to speak, as Summit’s first black councilman elected to Summit City Council since its inception in 1869,” Boyer said. “This was a momentous occasion, and I believed it important to address the community at this event. However, I feel it crucial to inform all the residents about some troubling events that occurred leading up to the event. The week of the Juneteenth celebration, council members and city employees were informed by the Juneteenth event committee, which included members of the interfaith council and anti-racism committee that they did not want me to speak.”

Why did the “anti-racism committee” not want him to speak? Because he didn’t agree with their political views. Boyer continued, “Their reason was, I was, I am a black republican, and they did not consider me ‘really black.’” 

“They disagreed with my policy views, so simply because I am a black man with different opinions and political beliefs, yes, I was deemed not black by a politically motivated group.”

Discrimination Is Acceptable, When Targeted To Republicans

Had this discriminatory attitude been directed towards a Democratic politician, it’d be national news. But because it targets a Republican, the media will conveniently ignore it. 

It’s the height of irony that the “interfaith” and “anti-racism” committees are allowed to dictate who can celebrate what in their town, all while these supposedly “inclusive” organizations exclude those with different political views. As always, “anti-racist” labels are simply used to designate those who share the same intersectional far left opinions. 

Councilman Boyer doesn’t, therefore he’s excluded.

The progressive left doesn’t care about accomplishment or including all viewpoints, it cares about enforcing its ideology. No matter how discriminatory and hypocritical it has to be along the way.