An East Bay man gave a first-hand account of the chaos and violence that erupted at the Juneteenth celebration that turned violent last week near Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Mason Ma was shot multiple times and suffered life-altering injuries.

He is still struggling with the trauma of what happened and is in a lot of pain.

Ma never imagined a night out with a friend to have dinner would change his life.

He questions why police have yet to speak with him about what happened and is still shaken up from being shot three times.

“I heard the first pop sound and thought it was illegal fireworks. But then, I felt pain in my right hand.

The pain was from a bullet hitting his finger, which has now been amputated.

That night, he had been walking to a restaurant to have dinner with a friend when a sideshow got his attention.

Ma said while he was distracted, a young male deliberately shot at him.

He said he tried to get away by crawling underneath a car.

Then someone, he didn’t see who it was, fired two more shots, hitting him in both thighs.

Ma said there appeared to be a gun battle between two groups. 

He doesn’t know if it was the same person who fired all three shots at him or if he was caught in the crossfire when he was shot in his legs.

“It wasn’t just one person shooting into the crowd,” said Ma. “It sounded like they were going against each other. Some shots were fired at the same time.”

Ma said when he arrived at the hospital, he learned that the medical staff wanted to amputate his right leg because he was bleeding profusely, and the staff was tending to numerous critical patients.

“I grabbed the trauma doctor and didn’t let her go. She really helped me.  She advocated for me,” Ma said.

His trauma was compounded by the lack of answers and action.

He said he had previously felt safe in the Lake Merritt area.

“Disheartened, disappointed with both Oakland police and the city for not keeping it safe,” said Ma. “It’s been a week. No police came to ask me anything. I don’t even know if I’m considered a victim on their list.”

Ma says the bullets are still lodged in his legs.  

He will need more surgery. But he is determined to walk again.

Ma said he doesn’t have medical insurance. His family has started a fundraiser for him.

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