Oregon’s Juneteenth celebration was founded over 50 years ago by the late and beloved community leader and organizer Clara Peoples. In 1945, Peoples introduced the tradition from Muskogee, Oklahoma, to her co-workers at the Kaiser Shipyards in Portland. Upon moving to Portland in that same year, Clara Peoples was surprised to learn that Juneteenth was unknown in this part of the country. She introduced the holiday to her co-workers at the Kaiser Shipyards during their break being the first Juneteenth Celebration in Oregon. Later, Peoples helped to initiate Portland’s annual citywide Juneteenth celebration in 1972.

Every year, Juneteenth Oregon celebrations begin with a parade, followed by an array of festivities including live music and entertainment, art, food, educational booths, cultural exhibitions, community resources and a children’s play area.

The Here is Oregon Community Connections Team brought their spinning wheel and fun treats. Between handing out prizes, they asked attendees to give a pose for their steadfast photobooth.