Lyles Station holds Juneteenth celebration

Lyles Station holds Juneteenth celebration

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) – Lyles Station Historic School & Museum hosted a Juneteenth celebration Wednesday.

A large group gathered at the museum to hear guest speaker, President and founder of Bronzeville Black Chicagoan Historical Society, Sherry Williams.

She spoke on the important role that plants had in African Americans escaping slavery and making their way to Indiana.

Williams also spoke about the important conversions that still need to be had.

”We don’t talk about the tenacity, the courage, and the fortitude people had to have to leave from bondage onto a free life. Building their families, building their communities, building businesses, and then building legacies, and so I was really happy to see that over 100 years, that has been celebrated here right in Indiana,” said Williams.

Organizers also honored volunteers who helped preserve the history and culture at the museum.

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