The Business Services Unit at Southern Region parole headquarters recently organized its inaugural Juneteenth celebration.

The event featured a brief overview of Juneteenth including its significance and reasons for observance, complemented by red-themed refreshments.

Attendees received Juneteenth bracelets and had access to an informative display detailing the history of the occasion.

Red treats like red velvet cake, strawberries, watermelon, cherries, and ruby-hued beverages were provided, symbolizing the traditional red foods associated with Juneteenth to honor the sacrifices made by enslaved individuals in their quest for freedom.

Submitted by the Division of Adult Parole Operations

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A photo of Justin Benson, Parole Agent 2, with the Redding Parole Unit. A quote beside his photo reads: We are getting them clothed, housed, and meeting their basic needs so they can better focus on reentry.

Parole success requires community partners

For reentry success, rural parole offices like the Redding Parole Unit collaborate with community partners and other agencies. “(We are) getting them clothed, housed, fed and meeting their basic needs so they can better focus on reentry,” said Justin Benson, Parole Agent II.

Ventura Training Center recruiters visited conservation camps to educate incarcerated firefighters about reentry training programs.

Ventura Training Center staff visits camps

Ventura Training Center (VTC) staff embarked on a four-day trip through Central California to visit CDCR conservation camps and firehouses to discuss the training center’s reentry opportunities.

A parole agent with the Redding Parole Unit drives through town.

Meet Justin Benson, Parole Agent II

Justin Benson knows the people served by the Redding Parole Unit, mainly because he lives and works in the community as a parole agent II. For seven years, he’s been with the Division of Adult Parole Operations and previously did an 11-year stint with the Shasta County Probation Department.

DAPO mental health t-shirt being worn by two people meditating on a lawn.

DAPO raises funds for mental health

During the third annual Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) Be Well mental health initiative, $3,250 was raised for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).