SUBMIT PHOTOS: Juneteenth 2024

SUBMIT PHOTOS: Juneteenth 2024

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – According to the National Museum of African American Culture and Heritage, Juneteenth is a celebration of the day enslaved people in Galveston, Texas learned they had been freed.

The museum notes this is not when all enslaved people were freed, just those who were in rebelling states. Enslaved African Americans in Union states did not receive freedom until the Reconstruction Amendments, which are the amendments that came into being once the Civil War was over.

The 13th amendment ended slavery; the 14th amendment provides citizenship, due process and equal protection; and the 15th amendment provides the opportunity to vote and hold office.

Juneteenth got its name from the date the enslaved people in Texas learned of their freedom — June 19, 1865. The holiday became federally recognized in June 2021.

How are you celebrating Juneteenth? Use the module below to submit photos and videos of Juneteenth 2024 celebrations!

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