‘That’s the Moss Point spirit’; Moss Point man organizes inaugural Juneteenth event

‘That’s the Moss Point spirit’; Moss Point man organizes inaugural Juneteenth event

MOSS POINT Miss. (WLOX) – The 200 Man Stand is a community-based organization based out of Nashville.

Co-founder Otis Carter IV keeps the group’s message alive in Moss Point, where he was born and raised.

“We’re a vanguard of peace, love, and brotherhood, and one of the things we do is we bring resources together and provide mentoring for youth as well,” Carter says. “So, we’ve been doing this for us since 2018, and we’re just getting started.”

Saturday, Carter’s vision came to life.

Dozens of black community leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs, gathered at the Sue Ellen Recreation Center for special Juneteenth messages.

“Moss Point means everything to me, as it being my foundation. I just owe it to Moss Point to pour into it. So, with me being a community advocate, a community guru, I wanted to do something impactful, especially for Juneteenth,” Carter says.

Special guest speakers included Mayor Billy Knight and Alderman Tim Dubose.

“Otis is actually my classmate, we graduated together in the class of 2000 from Moss Point High School, so I’m one of those who anything he’s doing, I’m supporting. But as far as the Juneteenth, with this being the historical first, I wanted to definitely be a part of it and celebrate with my city,” says Dr. Erica Mills, who was also a guest speaker.

Damarcus Hughes is also a Moss Point Native. He says Carter is a shining example of what the city represents.

“If you’re from the city of Moss Point you learn very early on that you’re not going to be handed a thing. You learn very early on to fight for everything that you want and to work for everything that you want,” Hughes says.

Hughes performed ‘Lift Every Voice’ for the crowd.

“That’s the Moss Point spirit. The Moss Point spirit is uplifting yourself, working hard, pushing forward, and bringing others with you in a way that inspires them to do the same for others and I would have never found that, I truly believe I would have never found that spirit had I been from any other city than the city of Moss Point,” Hughes adds.

Carter looks forward to coordinating this celebration of freedom for the river city every Juneteenth and says he couldn’t do it without his partners and the support from the community.

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