BG Freedom Walkers finish three daylong Juneteenth Celebration

BG Freedom Walkers finish three daylong Juneteenth Celebration

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – While they do have some events planned for Juneteenth itself, the BG Freedom Walkers held a three daylong celebration at the SOKY Fairgrounds from June 14 to 16 to help get things started.

It was the BG Freedoms Walker’s fifth annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom, taking time to celebrate black history, excellence and educate on the holiday.

“With Juneteenth, it was Galveston, Texas, June 19 of 1865 when approximately 250,000 slaves were free. But it’s important to Bowling Green and to the BG freedom walkers, to spread peace, love, diversity and unity,” said Karika Nelson, Founder and CEO of the Freedom Walkers. “To unite our African American community, as well as our allies, with other minorities and with our local owned, small business owners.”

The celebration had plenty of entertainment, including a miss Juneteenth pageant and an artist showcase, as well as stands for black owned businesses and eateries like Wrap it Up.

“It is a boat lettuce bar, a family owned business, family driven. The kids do help me prepare the food,” said Jay Mallory, owner of Wrap it Up. “We’re just here to give the community something different to eat, something besides your regular food or what you have around. It’s a healthy option.”

Mallory stressed the importance of providing healthy food and resources in predominantly black communities.

“My big thing is we have to take care of ourselves. We only have one body, we have to take care of it. What we start with, what we put in it. We can exercise all we want, but if we don’t eat a little bit healthier, what’s the point of it?”

Nelson encouraged everyone to get involved and participate in Juneteenth celebrations.

“That’s a big thing that I hear all the time, that they think that due to them not being African American, ‘maybe we shouldn’t come’ or ‘maybe we shouldn’t register.’ No, please come. We accept and want everyone to participate in our events. It doesn’t matter the race or your ethnicity.”

On Juneteenth proper, the Freedom Walkers will be hosting a free showing of Hidden Figures at the Capitol BG, the first in what they hope to be many Juneteenth movie nights.

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