City officials say a settlement has been reached between the city of Rochester and a firefighter who was taken to what was said to be a mock Juneteenth party.   

As part of the settlement, firefighter Jerrod Jones will be paid $150,000 by the city, half now and half upon his retirement in four years, according to city officials. The city says Jones will remain on paid leave with benefits until his retirement.

As part of the resolution, Jones will not return to the fire department, a decision the city says was his alone.

The joint statement says the lawsuit centered around an incident in 2022 in which Jones, who is Black, was working Truck 4 for the Rochester Fire Department when he was taken to a private Juneteenth house party while on duty.

The following is the full joint statement released on Monday:

“On July 7, 2022, Jerrod Jones was a Firefighter working Truck #4 for the Rochester Fire Department.

“On that day, he and other firefighters on Truck #4 were taken to a private event at a residence on East Avenue, in accordance with the wishes and direction of the newly assigned Captain of Truck #4. While this event was within Truck# 4’s district, it was wholly inappropriate for the Captain to have taken the firefighters of Truck #4 to this event on-duty. This event involved wholly inappropriate political and racial overtones.

“Following this event, Firefighter Jones commenced suit against the City of Rochester asserting various claims stemming from this incident. Today the parties are pleased to announce that this lawsuit has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

“As part of this resolution, Mr. Jones has elected not to return to his duties as a firefighter. This was Mr. Jones’s decision and the City is respectful of his choice. The City wishes Mr. Jones the very best in his future endeavors and thanks him for his years of service to the City and its citizens.

“The parties express their appreciation to each other for their respective efforts which led to this mutually satisfactory settlement as Mr. Jones moves forward positively and so too does the Rochester Fire Department under the leadership and direction of Chief Napolitano.”

The couple who hosted the party defended the event saying there was nothing racist about it.

In the lawsuit, Jones was seeking $5 million in damages, but it is unknown whether he is receiving financial compensation as part of the settlement.