In a spirited celebration of liberation, resilience, and Black joy, members of IAM, led by IAM Human Rights Director Nicole Fears, took part in the vibrant Juneteenth celebrations hosted by the community organization ONE DC. 

This event marked a significant moment in the annual calendar, embracing the soul and spirit of Juneteenth and its historical significance to both the local community and wider society. It’s a time to reflect on our shared history and the progress we’ve made and to look forward to a future of unity and understanding.

“Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, is a day of reflection and celebration of African American freedom and achievements,” said Fears. “The IAM’s involvement in the local event underscores the union’s commitment to human rights, cultural awareness, and community outreach.”

The celebration was a gathering that aimed to enlighten, inspire, and entertain everyone who attended. It included lively music performances, captivating recitals of Juneteenth history, powerful spoken word showcases, and a variety of local vendors. The event provided a vibrant and diverse range of experiences. It beautifully emphasized the significance of honoring past hardships while also celebrating unity and progress. 

The IAM’s presence at the Juneteenth celebrations is just one of many initiatives the union undertakes to support and engage with communities at significant cultural moments. It also reflects the union’s broader mission to advocate for equity, understanding, and unity across all communities it serves.

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