PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The City of Pittsburgh’s FusionFest Juneteenth celebration was held on Sunday afternoon.

The event featured a mix of food, art, fashion, history, and performances.

“I am having a marvelous time,” said Sonya McCoullum. “There’s no crime, there’s no fussing, there’s no fighting, there’s nothing but greatness.”

Mayor Ed Gainey, while speaking to KDKA-TV, spoke about the important message they hope to share about the power of youth.

“When we uplift our youth, we uplift our future,” Gainey said.

He introduced KDKA-TV to Latrell Knight, a 21-year-old with his stand at the fair, where he sold hot dogs and fries, asking Knight how he started his business.

“I started my business through hard work and dedication, and I had a vision and followed it,” Knight said. 

Knight described being at the festival as surreal.

“These are stories that inspire people, these are stories that let people know that you can dream big and be who you want to be. That’s what Juneteenth is. The freedom to live out your dream, the freedom to not be shackled by anything,” Gainey said. 

He also introduced KDKA-TV to Khamil Bailey, the owner of a building where some of the event’s activities were being held. 

“When I see young African-American women, we had the gender equity report that talked about, this is the worst city for African-American women, well, it’s women like Ms. Bailey right here that breaks down those stereotypes, removes them.”

Gainey gave credit to other Juneteenth festivals being held in Pittsburgh, saying the fact there are multiple celebrations shows progress.

“It’s all Juneteenths that come together to ensure that we have a beautiful city, that’s what it is all about. I think that’s what you’ve seen this month,” Gainey said.