JACKSON, Tenn. — Juneteenth is almost here and if you’re looking for a celebration here in West Tennessee, we may have events you’ll want to attend.

As Juneteenth approaches there are a variety of celebrations that will be leading up to this holiday and the 8th Annual African American Heritage Festival is one of those exciting occasions to look forward to.

“The African American Heritage Music Festival you can expect education music information lots of good food great music and family filled activities,” said Valerie Porter, Coordinator for Humboldt Juneteenth.

This African American Heritage Fest will be at the Viking Park in Humboldt Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th. Another Juneteenth function is happening in Trenton, Mayor Burriss tell us you can expect a great experience Saturday.

“We’re just asking people to come and they can set up tents they can bring their grills they can bring lawn chairs and just have a day of relaxing and having fun and being a community,” said Mayor of Trenton, Tony Burriss.

It’s a time for everyone to come together in unity.

“I just want people to celebrate you know whether it’s here in Jackson or one of the other surrounding counties just celebrate the holiday,” said Porter.

See dates and times for West Tennessee Juneteenth events below:

  • Mayor’s Unity Breakfast — June 15 at 9am, 709 East Jefferson St, Brownsville
  • Jackson Juneteenth — June 15 at 10am-8pm, 304 N Hays Ave, Jackson
  • Alamo Juneteenth — June 15 at 10am, 142 Conley Rd, Alamo
  • (Day 1) 8th annual African American Heritage Music Festival —  June 15 at 11am-8pm, Viking Park, Humboldt
  • (Day 2) 8th annual African American Heritage Music Festival —  June 16 at 11am-8pm, Viking Park, Humboldt
  • Trenton Juneteenth — June 15 at 12pm-sundown, 8th & Lexington St. Field, Trenton
  • Juneteenth Concert —  June 15 at 2pm-4pm, West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center (121 Sunny Hill Cove, Brownsville)
  • Juneteenth at Discovery Park — June 15 from 5pm-9pm, 830 Everett Blvd, Union City
  • Soul in the Park —  June 16 2pm-9pm, Muse Park (N Park, Jackson)

If you don’t have weekend plans, there’s definitely more than one way to enjoy the holiday.

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