A wave of arrests has followed the tragic incident that transpired at a Juneteenth celebration in Round Rock, with the latest suspect, Keshawn Dixon, 18, taken into custody in relation to the mass shooting that left a community in mourning.

In the sobering aftermath of the violence that erupted on June 15 at Old Settlers Park, where two lives were abruptly ended and 14 others marred by injury, authorities have been piecing together the chain of events and those involved; on July 6, the Round Rock Police Department, as reported by CBS Austin, apprehended Dixon in Killeen, TX before booking him into Bell County jail on charges of deadly conduct which is a third-degree felony, but the investigation is far from over, with officials indicating that more charges could be forthcoming and further arrests could be on the horizon.

According to KXAN, this isn’t the first arrest in the case; the first occurred on June 20 when Ricky Thompson III, 17, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, followed by the arrest of an unnamed juvenile suspect the next day, both are associated with the same shooting that has rattled the Round Rock community.

Round Rock Police Department has been diligently working on the investigation, emphasizing that the quest for justice continues as there might be more individuals involved in the violent outbreak during what was meant to be a peaceful commemoration of freedom, often, police operations following such events can uncover a tapestry of culprits and motives that can challenge our understanding of community and security, as the investigation continues, residents of Round Rock are still grappling with the memory of a festival turned into a scene of chaos and senseless violence.