Welsh honors community leader on Juneteenth

Welsh honors community leader on Juneteenth

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – It was an evening of recognition in Welsh. On this Juneteenth holiday, residents took some time to not only celebrate Juneteenth but also honor a man they call a pillar in their community.

June 19 is a day when we celebrate the last of the enslaved people who were freed after being held in Texas.

“This is great for African Americans, because it’s a great day for us to honor us, what our forefathers went through, so we celebrate this and honor our forefathers, what they had to go through, and where we are from then to now,” Welsh resident Barbara Batiste said.

As many are hosting different celebrations to honor the day, residents of Welsh are honoring one of their community leaders, Eddie Achan.

“He’s reaching out to the young people, trying to bring them in and let them know there’s a better life, especially for the young Black men, and he’s been a pillar of Welsh since. Even working two jobs, he always never forget about his community,” Batiste said.

In recognizing Achan, it was announced that in Welsh Juneteenth will also now be known as “Eddie Achan Day”.

“All the people that came up from behind us and how they taught us how to rise up, and it’s our job to rise up others,” Achan said. “I was raised to be partial to everything, take everything with a grain of salt, realize that anything can happen, will happen, but also be true to yourself, take care of yourself first.”

While many came out to enjoy some good food and fellowship, the day was ultimately a time to celebrate freedom.

Welsh has another Juneteenth celebration, including a parade in the coming weeks.

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